The 2024 Innovation Awards

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The Innovation Awards are getting a makeover

The Innovation Awards reflect the major challenges of the agri-food ecosystem, for which social responsibility has become strategic.

The social and environmental benefits needed to be highlighted. That is why a special CSR award was created.

As a result of this development, a clarification was made. Packaging machines are joining the category now called Processes – Packaging & Equipment. As for the Packaging category, it is now reserved for packaging, secondary packaging and transport.


Discover the 5 categories of the CFIA 2024 Innovation Awards:


Ingredients - CAP

Components and raw materials intended to be used in food products recipes: ingredients, intermediate food products, flavourings, additives, etc.

Packaging ​

Packaging materials, secondary and transport packaging and all accessories (lids, caps, labels, adhesive tapes, etc.) including storage solutions.

Process-Packaging & Equipment

Materials intended to transform and package the products and all the equipment necessary for the food factory (from intra-logistics to utilities through sensors and control solutions)

Quality, health, safety and environment

Solutions to ensure sanitary control (analysis methods, cleaning and disinfection solutions, foreign object detectors, etc.), health and safety of personnel (protective equipment, ergonomic workstations, etc.) and environmental performance (effluent treatment, carbon footprint calculation, etc.)

New: CSR Award

This award concerns all participants in the trophies regardless of their category. It rewards the efforts made by their company at the CSR level,


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